Short Courses at ICHAS

We’re delighted to introduce a range of short courses at ICHAS with the aim of helping people return to study with our highly flexible and adaptive programmes. Our Blended Learning environment offers students the opportunity to return to study when it might not otherwise have been possible for them to do so.

Our short courses run during the academic term (September to December and January to May). See individual course pages for details of when, and where, courses are being presented

All our short courses are modules from our undergraduate programmes in counselling and psychotherapy/youth/addiction studies (accredited by QQI).

Introduction to Dreamwork

As well as our Short Courses at ICHAS, we offer a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Full and Part-Time, programmes.  Our courses span a wide range of disciplines including:

Please feel free to explore our website and to contact us directly if you have any queries, or to discover more about the opportunities we offer.

Who should apply

Our Short Courses are suitable for a wide range of individuals who want to acquire new skills, enhance their knowledge, or explore a particular subject in a condensed format. Here are some groups of people who often benefit from short courses:

  • Working professionals: Short courses offer an opportunity for professionals to update their skills, stay relevant in their fields, or explore new areas of interest. These courses can provide specialised training, certifications, or practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to their jobs.
  • Students: Short courses can supplement traditional education by offering additional learning opportunities outside of the regular curriculum. Students may take short courses to delve deeper into a specific subject, explore interdisciplinary topics, or gain practical skills that complement their degree programs.
  • Career changers: Individuals who are considering a career change can benefit from short courses to acquire foundational knowledge in a new field or to gain skills that are in demand. These courses can provide a solid starting point for transitioning into a different career path.
  • Lifelong learners: Short courses are ideal for people who have a passion for learning and a desire to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills. These courses allow lifelong learners to explore diverse subjects, discover new interests, and engage in intellectual pursuits.
  • Individuals seeking personal development: Short courses can also be taken for personal growth and self-improvement. Courses on topics like counselling, personal development, addiction, or psychology, help improve well-being, boost confidence, and provide practical tools for personal development.

Short Courses at ICHAS