This Department offers a range of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Courses will allow learners to understand the principles of Work-Related Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, which are evolving areas of influence in psychological studies, ultimately aiming to improve the quality of work life, and to protect and promote the safety, health and well-being of workers.

Undertaking these Psychology and Work-Related Behavioural Sciences Courses will support learners to achieve the competencies, knowledge and skills necessary to understand individual, organisational, social and cultural influences on behaviour in work-related settings. In addition, depending on the relevant programme taken, learners will be able to contextualise Work-Related Psychology and Work-Related Behavioural Sciences, within the specific programmes and will develop competence in Leadership & Management; Entrepreneurship, Mentoring & Coaching or Customer Relationship Management as relevant.

The Department is also offering a suite of Post Graduate Certificates which aim to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to perform and contribute to a range of emergent areas which are important to organisational development and life.  These certificates will introduce the critical areas of Entrepreneurship, Work-Related Leadership, Teamwork & Change Management, and Customer Relations Management as well as providing an understanding of their contribution within work-related contexts.  They will supplement existing academic and professional learning among graduates who seek to understand and utilise the knowledge and practices.

Key Concepts

  • The evolving conceptualisation of work and how organisations work
  • The application of Behavioural Science in meeting the challenges of Leadership & Management
  • How psychology supports innovation and creativity (entrepreneurship)
  • How effective mentoring & coaching supports employee relations and performance
  • The understanding of Behavioural Science in the context of Customer relationships
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Who should apply

Applicants  who wish to undertake the  M.A. in Work Related Psychology Course will be of interest to Psychology graduates wishing to pursue careers as Business  Psychologists, Human Resource Managers, Trainers, Managers and Consultants. The programme is designed to accommodate learners to achieve higher order knowledge, skills and competence in Work-Related Psychology and related fields.

Graduates of Work Related Psychology Courses are ideally equipped to play a role in supporting employees and employers to ensure healthy work environments. Therefore, studying on this programme for any of these awards should be attractive to those charged with management and leadership roles in a range of work-related contexts.

The Behavioural Sciences domain of study should inform the proper and positive functioning of people in leadership or managerial roles in work-related contexts. A working knowledge of the psychology of workplace motivation and engagement, health and well-being, and organisational identity, citizenship etc. are critical for effective leadership and management in any organisation. These considerations are important principles for sharing the understanding of the psychological environment in a range of work contexts, between professional managers and leaders as well as dedicated Business Psychologists.

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Courses at ICHAS

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at ICHAS