Postgraduate study offers numerous advantages that can have a significant impact on both personal and professional growth. Here are some of the main advantages of pursuing your postgraduate studies at ICHAS:

  • Enhanced Knowledge and Expertise: Postgraduate study allows you to delve deeper into your chosen field of study, gaining specialised knowledge and expertise. You have the opportunity to explore advanced topics, engage in rigorous research, and develop a comprehensive understanding of your subject area.
  • Career Advancement: A postgraduate qualification can greatly enhance your career prospects. It demonstrates a higher level of education, expertise, and dedication to your field, making you more competitive in the job market. Many professions and organisations highly value postgraduate qualifications and may require them for certain positions or promotions.
  • Specialization and Professional Development: Postgraduate study at ICHAS enables you to specialize in a specific area of interest within your field. This specialization allows you to develop advanced skills, become an expert in a niche area, and increase your marketability in specialised roles or careers.
  • Networking Opportunities: ICHAS programmes provide opportunities to connect with fellow students, lecturers, and professionals in your field. Building a strong network of contacts can open doors to collaboration, mentorship, job opportunities, and access to sector insights and resources.
  • Personal Growth and Intellectual Stimulation: Postgraduate study is intellectually challenging and encourages personal growth. It allows you to expand your intellectual horizons, engage in critical thinking, and develop a deeper understanding of complex concepts. It fosters curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.
It’s important to note that the advantages of postgraduate study can vary depending on the specific field of study, career path, and individual circumstances. It’s advisable to carefully consider your personal and professional goals, as well as the requirements and expectations of your chosen field, before pursuing postgraduate study.
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All postgraduate programmes at ICHAS are validated by QQI  (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) and please see below for the programmes that are available.


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