09 Jan 2020

Mental Health as part of your New Years Resolutions

We’re at the time when people make their New Years’ Resolutions. There are so many different areas where people can focus but an important question is how many have included mental health on this list? If you’re looking for tips or ideas on where to focus we’ve put together a useful list that you can start doing no matter the time of year. As we’ve mentioned before when things get very busy mental health often takes a backseat to other areas of our life, yet it is one of the most important areas to focus on.

Mental Health New Years Resolutions

Reframe Unhelpful Thoughts – Is the glass half full or half-empty? For many people, they are their own worst critic and this can result in them being unfairly harsh about themselves in many areas of life.

Instead, take a step back and look at things from a different/more positive perspective. As this video below illustrates (go to 24:05) we all have our own battles, just make sure that you’re feeding the right side. This video is also worth practicing as well. 

Be In The Present – I have this to get done tomorrow, I’ve to be there at 8, what’s on this weekend? These are questions we all ask ourselves on a regular basis. Yet they all have one thing in common, they aren’t focusing on the here and now. If you notice your own thoughts and feelings, and the world around you, this can help you gain a better perspective. If you’re looking for more help with this and being more mindful why not practice the Mindfulness Tree. ICHAS Lecturer Christine Beekman has highlighted this in many of the workshops that she has done and how the key elements of it shown below can be applied to your daily life.


Connect With Others – Human beings are social animals. Make sure you spend quality time with others. Be it hanging out with friends or having a family dinner or just going somewhere for a coffee these small things can all make a big difference.

Another good thing to do is volunteer for a local organisation and get out more into the community. There can be big benefits to doing this alone.  


Live A Healthy Life – Go out for a walk, it can be as simple as that. Research has shown that getting exposure to sunlight early in the day can have big benefits Why not bin some bad habits and replace them with something positive? When giving up something replacing it with something else can help create good habits and help you achieve that goal.

If walking isn’t your thing there are also runs you can take part in or especially this time of year the gyms have offers on for new members. There are so many things you can choose from. 

Do Something For Yourself – Do you have a favourite hobby? Is there a cafe you like going to when you want to switch off? Or are you thinking of learning something new? No matter what it is do things that make you happy. The term selfcare has been used a lot over the last few years but it really can be so beneficial to find something you enjoy doing that can be a benefit for your mental health. 

So What New Year’s Resolutions Do You Have?

Here are a couple of things you can do to help make mental health a priority this year. Is it one of those things you want to do to learn something new? 


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