28 Nov 2019

ICHAS Graduation 2019

Last Friday saw graduation 2019 for the ICHAS students. There was a terrific turnout for the event which was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel. The students of the year were also announced on the day and the guest speaker John Gaffney gave a great talk to all of those who were in attendance. 

The following are the student of the year winner:

  • M.A. Student of the Year – Sean Patrick McDonald
  • Level 8 Student of the Year – Peter Walsh 
  • Level 7 Student of the Year – Suzanne Corbett

The Journey You Have Taken, That Is The Reward

Guest speaker John Gaffney covered a wide range of topics in his talk, one of the key areas was about success:

‘Live simply, and don’t have your time frittered away with too much detail. Simplify, simplify. Do not lead a life in quiet desperation longing for the impossible. Treasure your spontaneity. Take a chance, have a laugh see the absurd, appreciate the joke. Don’t get too serious either

I hope that your studies here have been worthwhile and enjoyable’  

Below are some of the shots from graduation 2019. Once again from everyone here at ICHAS, we would like to congratulate you all and wish you the best in your future careers.

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