27 Mar 2024

The Role of Clinical Supervision, Interview with Ravind Jeawon Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor at Talk Therapy

On our most recent episode John Hickey, Practice Placement Director at ICHAS interviewed Ravind Jeawon, psychotherapist & clinical supervisor at Talk Therapy.

During the interview, they chatted about Ravinds own background and how Talk Therapy came about. Ravind also goes into detail about his role as a clinical supervisor and what ledhim to pursue a career in clinical supervision. The topic of clinical supervision was also discussed, how important it is in the field and what the primary responsibilities of a clinical supervisor are. Ravind was able to talk about things from both the supervisor’s and supervisees’ perspectives too and he provided some good insights and advice for anyone who is starting in the field.

Talk Therapy is an inclusive psychotherapy service providing a variety of counselling supports for those experiencing distress or with mental health concerns. You can learn more on their website today.

Ravind Jeawon (MIACP) is the founder of Talk Therapy Dublin and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from University College Cork.

Ravind spent four years training with Turning Point Institute in Dublin and also earning his Diploma in Integrative Clinical Psychotherapy recognized by the IACP, IAHIP & EAP accrediting bodies. Ravind adopts a Pluralistic approach to the process of Psychotherapy, with a Person-centred & Psychodynamic foundation.

As the video from Talk Therapy highlights below, talking therapies can help with many difficult life problems, from coping with traumatic experiences and events to dealing with depression and anxiety or managing harmful emotions and behaviours.

Want to Learn More about Clinical Supervision?

If you want to learn more about clinical supervision we are currently enrolling for our M.A. in Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice. This programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become confident, critical, analytical and reflective practitioners who can make maximum use of resources, including research in their day-to-day practice.

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