20 Dec 2023

Eileen Fahy Scholarship Announced

ICHAS is delighted to announce the launch of the Eileen Fahy Scholarship in partnership with Aiséirí Addiction Treatment Centre.

This initiative is designed to recognise and support the academic aspirations of promising students, fostering their development as future leaders.

The scholarship is open across all programmes at undergraduate level for both full-time and part-time learners. It is also available at our Dublin and Limerick campuses. The program will provide financial assistance to exceptional students, easing the burden of educational expenses and enabling them to pursue their academic goals.

Denis Ryan, college president at ICHAS said about the launch of the new scholarship:

“At ICHAS, we believe in the transformative power of education and the potential within every student. Our new scholarship program is not just about financial support; it’s a commitment to empowering dreams, nurturing talent, and shaping future leaders.”

Mick Fortune, Operations Manager at Aiseiri also added:

“At Aiséirí, we are proud to partner with ICHAS in their pursuit of educational excellence. The new scholarship program is a testament to our shared commitment to cultivating talent and providing opportunities for deserving students. Together, we are investing in the future, breaking down barriers to education, and empowering a generation of leaders who will shape a brighter tomorrow.”

How to Apply*

Applications for the scholarships/partial scholarships are now open by application form. Interested students can contact ICHAS for detailed information.

*Please note this scholarship is only available to those currently working with Aiséirí

About Aiséirí

Aiséirí provides community and residential services to help young people, adults, and families overcome addiction and lead meaningful lives in recovery. They also provide education and information services with outreach to individuals, communities, schools, and businesses who may need to know more about the complexities of addiction.

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