ICHAS Graduation 2023
30 Nov 2023

ICHAS Graduation 2023

The Radisson Blu Hotel Limerick was the setting last Friday for the 2023 ICHAS Graduation. There was a fantastic turnout both in-person and on the livestream of the graduation online.

The student of the year awards were also announced on the day and there were some great speeches on the day.

The following are the student of the year winners:

  • Level 7 Geraldine Boylan
  • Level 8 Ruth Sheeran
  • Level 9 Meleisa Ferris

Choosing Heroism In Everything You Do

As part of his closing speech on the day Prof. Denis Ryan, College President asked the question, what are you to use your learning and qualification for? In reponse to this he answered:

“I would hope you would use your learning and experience to promote and challenge values and norms that might be divisive but that takes courage and arguably heroism”

Prof. Ryan concluded his speech with heroism as a central theme:

“I urge you to proactively choose heroism in everything you do. Bear those constructs in mind and whether or not any or all of you choose heroism as a normative value, remember that your education in this College should well prepare you to be heroic. You will be judged by others, as we all will, through your thoughts, words, actions, intellect, knowledge, kindness, encouragement, respect and the means through which you engage in the service of others or ideals. We need heroes now more than ever”

Below is a video showing some of the highlights from what turned into a terrific day. On behalf of the staff and lecturers here at ICHAS we would like to congratulate you all and wish you the best in your future careers.


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