Dr. Mou Sultana's Integrative Approach to Perinatal Counseling Takes Center Stage
01 Feb 2024

Dr. Mou Sultana’s Integrative Approach to Perinatal Counseling Takes Center Stage

ICHAS Lecturer Dr. Mou Sultana recently had research published on integrative perinatal counselling. The book presents “the Becoming Model”, an integrative perinatal counselling model that provides a practical clinical framework to therapists working with those for whom the question of becoming a parent seems central.

Becoming a parent changes your identity, household, worldviews, relationships, priorities and previous life goals. Based on the notion that one does not become a mother or a father overnight, but rather that it is a process of “becoming”, this model provides a roadmap for therapists (psychoanalytic, behavioural, humanistic, integrative and others) looking to understand and explore their client’s experience of this transitional journey through talk-therapy. It defines the unique field of perinatal counselling, highlights major clinical considerations, presents clinical observations by drawing from real-life cases and provides the therapist with one-stop-information guides on each theme (ten) and sub-theme (40) by drawing from existing research, i.e., evidence-based practice.

Arguably one of the few counselling models specific to the perinatal period, this user-friendly guide, which is applicable to any modality, is designed to support psychotherapists, counsellors, nurses, midwives and other mental health professionals working therapeutically with those who are going through the pre- or peri-natal period, or those who have experienced perinatal loss.

Mou Sultana, PhD, works as a Counselling Psychologist (CPsyshol, BPS) and Psychotherapist (UKCP, MICP) in private practice Need2talk and with Vhi. She is a lecturer and supervisor at the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences. She specialises in perinatal mental health, sexuality, domestic violence, trauma and neuroscience.

Dr. Sultana was also featured on the ICHAS Podcast recently to talk about perinatal counselling. We also discussed what it involves, how it can help individuals and couples prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood and also how it is a relatively new area in the field of counselling.

If you want to learn more or buy the book then go to the publisher’s website.

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