Module – Psychology of Entrepreneurship

The aim of this Module is to support learners to acquire knowledge of the theoretical basis to understand entrepreneurship. Learners will also focus on the theoretical basis for entrepeneurial concepts and approaches over the period of the Module.  Emphasis will be placed on the psychology of entrepreneurship focussing on cognition, affect and personality research anchored in current neuroscientific findings.   Additionally students will display capacity to distinguish concepts (e.g. differences between enterprise and entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship etc.) and gain advanced insight into a range of entrepreneurial capacities including feasibility analysis, resourcing contingency as well as skills and attitudes associated with entrpreneuship in diverse working environments.  The Module will therefore explore current  contemproary discourses with the study of entrpreneurship that will broadly corresponding with basic psychological domains.  As identified by Gorgievski and Stephan (2016)  these include personal differences; careers; health and well-being; cognition and behaviour; and leadership; as well as three cross-cutting themes: gender issues; genetic and biological foundations; and context.


Thematic Area Topic Classroom Based Day Programme   Delivery Mode Blended Learning Delivery Mode
    Classroom-based only (Duration)

Synchronous BL


Asynchronous Teaching  and Directed e- Learning (Duration)
Theme 1 Introduction to the Psychology of Entrepreneurship 2 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 2 Entrepreneurship in Cognition, Affect and Personality Research 3 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 3 Neuroscientific Research and Entrepreneurship 3 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 4 Founder Identity Theory 3 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 5 Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship, Motivations and psychology of Social and, enviromental entreprenures 3 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 6 Skills attitudes and behaviours associated with entrepreneurs. Gender and socio economical impacts on entreprenurial behaviour 2 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 7 Psychological persepctives on Leading and Selecting Opportunities 2 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 8 Feasibility Analysis, recognising disruptors 3 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 9 Developing and Resourcing an entrepreneurial venture 2 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 10 Culture and Entrepreneurship – in both Organisational and National contexts 2 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 11 Team & Network development to implement entrepeneurial opportunities 3 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
Theme 12 Building and shaping an entrepreneurial architecture 2 hours 2 hours 1 Hour
  Total 30 hours 24 hours 12 hours