Module – Dissertation

Choosing appropriate independent study recognises adult learning as a fundamental aspect of the programme. It facilitates students to supplement their own personal learning needs and/or professional development and allows them integrate independent learning within their structured programme.

As a capstone module, the aim is to facilitate students to complete a research project, drawing on their own learning within the programme and enabling them to focus on an area of specialism that is of particular interest and relevance to their own practice. The Dissertation module is 30 ECTS will be a culmination of the research-based practice/independent practice and will be assessed in the form of an Academic Dissertation.


Students will select a topic of their choice that has relevance to the area of study. Teaching will be informed by current research and practice based-evidence, with an emphasis on evaluation, analysis and criticism of evidence. The syllabus provides the student with an opportunity to critically engage with contemporary perspectives and discourses relating to Research, while fostering personal reflection in line with professional norms at this level.