25 Apr 2024

Rewire to Aspire – With Moira Geary Self-Help Change Leader & Host of the Positive Project​


This free short talk takes place on April 25th from 6.30 to 7.30 and explores the importance of looking to different methods to Aspire.

It includes a brief discussion on the following topics. ​

  • Why Rewire ​
  • Negative Bias​
  • How can Feelings dictate Behaviour​
  • The mind Body Connection and the Power of Physiology​
  • Procrastination​
  • The Power of Words​

About The Speaker – Moira is a personal development teacher, trainer and passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating awareness and transformational change to evolve human awareness and consciousness. She is the director and owner of Moira Geary Ltd which was established in response to people reaching out for practical tools to support them in managing their stresses in life. She has created several programmes to support this, namely Wake Up and Change Your Life- a transformation self-led programme for people looking to overcome overwhelm, stress, worry and procrastination, Wealthy Minds – a Step-by-step Manifestation online programme with both pre-recorded and Live support, and of course Quantum thinking Technologies- a certification programme that empowers practitioners and professionals to use her transformation techniques in personal and professional environments.

Moira holds an SRN and RN in general nursing and Midwifery and holds an MA in Psychotherapy. A regular contributor to media, she has been featured on RTE Radio 1, The Irish Times, Thrive Global, and Radio Kerry, at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit to mention a few.

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