Green Ribbon Month 2023
05 Sep 2023

Green Ribbon Month 2023

September is Green Ribbon Month 2023 and we recently chatted with Amanda Clifford, psychotherapist and founder of ABC for Mental Health. Amanda has organised some terrific events over the next couple of weeks and we chat about this and also about the stigma that still surrounds mental health. This Sunday is World Suicide Prevention Day and Amanda tells us about the event that will take place at Arthurs Quay, Amanda also discusses the topic of suicide and how it is still something that many people are uncomfortable talking about.


Green Ribbon Month is an annual observance dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and reducing the stigma surrounding them. It involves a series of events, campaigns, and initiatives aimed at promoting open conversations about mental well-being, providing resources for support, and encouraging individuals to seek help when needed. The green ribbon serves as a symbol of solidarity and support for those affected by mental health challenges, emphasizing the importance of understanding, compassion, and destigmatization within society. During Green Ribbon Month, communities, organizations, and individuals come together to foster a more compassionate and inclusive approach to mental health, ultimately striving to improve the overall mental well-being of individuals and communities.

World Suicide Prevention Day, observed on September 10th each year, is a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the critical issue of suicide and promoting efforts to prevent it. This day serves as a platform for individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide to come together to discuss, educate, and support those struggling with suicidal thoughts or affected by suicide. It aims to break the silence surrounding this sensitive topic, challenge stigma, and emphasize the importance of mental health and emotional well-being. Through various events, campaigns, and outreach activities, World Suicide Prevention Day encourages people to reach out to one another, provide resources for mental health support, and work collectively to reduce the prevalence of suicide and save lives. It underscores the message that prevention is possible and that with empathy, awareness, and intervention, we can make a significant difference in reducing suicide rates and providing hope to those in crisis.

Below is the full programme of events for Green Ribbon Month 2023. Check out the ABC for Mental Health page for full details.

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