30 Nov 2015

Supporting Children’s Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health : Tips for Parents and Teachers

Chilren’s Mental Health :When we look at mental health today much time and writings are devoted to adults. But what about the mental health of children and how can we best support this area. Here are a few approaches that you can adopt when dealing with children and mental health.

Create a real sense of belonging. 

Feeling really connected and welcomed is central to children’s self-identification, positive adjustment, and sense of trust themselves and in others. Building positive relationships among school staff, students, and parents is essential to promoting positive mental well being.

Promote Child resilience.

Dealing with difficulties and difficult situations is a natural part of life and being resilient is central to overcoming challenges and maintaining strong mental health. Connectedness, competency, helping other to successfully face difficult situations can and will foster real resilience.

Develop real competencies.

All Children need to know that they have the power overcome difficulties and can accomplish goals through their actions. Developing individual talents and interests will seriously help children to  feel competent and also enable them to deal with stress in a positive manner. Being socially competent is also very important. Having real friends and staying in touch with friends and loved ones can strengthen mental wellness.

Teach positive behaviours and decision making skills.

We all need to provide consistent expectations and support. Teaching children basic social skills, problem solving, and how to deal with conflict has a positive effect in developing and maintaining good mental health. Positive feedback enhances and reinforces behaviours or accomplishments that are valued by others.

Encourage helping others.

Children need to know that they too can make a difference. Good social behaviours build self-esteem, competency, helping others reinforces personal responsibility, Learning to help others and getting involved in helping other shows us that we are part of the community.

Physical health and well being

Good physical health supports good mental health and this is a fact. Regular exercise, proper eating habits and the right amount of sleep protect kids against the stress of tough situations.

Encourage Teacher to develop first line counselling Skills:

Teacher who have first line counselling skills are in a much better position to help children develop coping skills and mechanisms. Use in service time to get the skills and the teach other in the school an structured approach to first ln counselling with young people.

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