09 Oct 2023

Living in the Present: Harnessing Mindfulness for Anxiety and Mood Improvement


As part of Limerick Mental Health Week 2023, Christine Beekman will be facilitating a workshop on Monday, October 9th from 6 pm to 7 pm on harnessing mindfulness for anxiety and mood improvement.

Mindfulness is a transformative practice rooted in the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophies, now widely embraced in the West for its profound benefits. At its core, mindfulness is about cultivating a heightened awareness of the present moment with an open and non-judgmental attitude. It involves deliberately directing our attention to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that arise within us and in our external environment, without attempting to change or avoid them.

By anchoring ourselves in the here and now, we gain a deeper understanding of our inner workings and the world around us. Mindfulness allows us to observe our thoughts and emotions as fleeting phenomena, rather than being consumed by them. It empowers us to respond to life’s challenges with greater clarity, equanimity, and compassion.

Moreover, mindfulness is not confined to formal meditation sessions; it extends to our daily lives. It encourages us to savor simple moments, appreciate the beauty in the mundane, and engage wholeheartedly in our activities. Whether we are eating, walking, or conversing, mindfulness teaches us to be fully present, fostering richer, more meaningful experiences.

This brief talk will focus on how mindfulness may be helpful in reducing symptoms of anxiety and low mood and Christine will show how these skills can be applied in daily life.

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About The Speaker

Christine Beekman has been a member of the ICHAS lecturing staff since 2008. She has a Masters in Psychoanalysis in addition to professional qualifications in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Stress Management, Bio-spiritual and Empathic Communication, Spiritual Development, and Coaching.

She also has many qualifications in complementary therapies such as Reiki and Dream therapy. She has been in private practice since 1997 using counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and alternative therapies. In addition to her interest in complementary therapies, Christine also specialises in youth & adolescence; using group activities such as the exploration of life values/morality as a means of encouraging young people to further their development and explore their identity.

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