Mindfulness Workshop with Christine Beekman

Mindfulness Workshop with Christine Beekman

As part of Limerick Mental Health Week, we will be hosting a mindfulness workshop at our campus in Limerick. ICHAS lecturer Christine Beekman will facilitate this hour-long event on October 8th from 1pm to 2pm.

What is a Mindfulness Workshop?

This kind of workshop focuses on helping people to live more in the present so that they don’t always think ahead or are plagued by experiences from the past. Very often it is these experiences from the past that makes us afraid of the future. That’s why a lot of people can suffer from anxiety or depression. They’re always thinking about what could happen and judge themselves the whole time because they don’t do exactly what they have been taught to do. 

This workshop aims to help people, first of all, to be less judgmental of themselves. Several techniques will be thought to help attendees to live more in the present and enjoy life that way. For example, focusing on and observing an object and noticing how this feels. Every time the mind drifts, they bring it back just like a puppy that strays. Sometimes this can also be music, so you can use hearing as well. These will help to keep the mind focused, so that you won’t be distracted by thoughts that can cause negative thoughts. After a while, they will become feelings, and then your behavior set in physical form will follow. 

Accepting Yourself

One of the big areas that will be covered in the mindfulness workshop will be acceptance. For example, if I have the flu, I can I bed and I can think about how terrible it is that I got the flu and why is it me? That’s all a waste of energy. We should instead focus in on how can I get better. But before we do that, we have to say I accept that this has happened. So acceptance would be a very big one. Sometimes people confuse it with surrender. That always needs to be addressed when acceptance comes up. There is a lot to learn to be more kind to ourselves because we have all learned as children to judge ourselves and our behaviors. It’s important to look at ourselves as a work in progress, and as unique. 

Four Mindfulness Tips You Can Do Daily

Christine highlighted four ways you can practice mindfulness each day.

  1. Mind your thoughts – The techniques mentioned above will help with this
  2. Practice breathing – Just before something stressful comes on, take three really deep breaths, because we bring our breath in high up in our body generally we can over hyperventilate. Take three deep breaths
  3. Practice being in the present – For example maybe mindful eating. So If I’m eating, I’m eating, I’m drinking, I’m drinking rather than being distracted. Mindful, walking, so to be aware of the body as it walks. So that’s the practical side of mindfulness
  4. For a few minutes, a day be grateful – Very often when people are so concerned about and worried about all these things, they forget the joys of life

For more info about this event, you can check out our Facebook Events Page or call us on 061 216 288

Mindfulness Workshop

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