ICHAS Action Plan for Covid 19 for March/April 2020

The Management team at the College are closely monitoring the situation regarding Covid 19. As a College, we are in the first instance, committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of the College Community as well as ensuring that the educational experience of students is the best it can possibly be and is continued as seamlessly as possible. In the current circumstances, which are highly unusual, it is likely that students and members of faculty will experience some disruption to both delivery modes and assessment processes in the coming weeks. In that regard, we are fortunate that we have the facility to use synchronous teaching methods as well as online assessment methods and/or assessment submission methods.


  • Our primary concern must always be for our health and that of everyone around us. In that regard, we draw the attention of the College Community to the Department of Health website, where they will find authoritative information and resources. It has developed public health advice postersthat are available for the public to download and display appropriately.
  • We would advise that the National Public Health Emergency Team case definition of areas of concern in relation to travel includes Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Iran Italy alongside mainland China.
  • We would request that any member of the College Community
    • who has been to an affected region (mainland China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran and Italy) in the last 14 days AND is experiencing symptoms should self-isolate and call their GP and advise the College of their circumstance, but under no circumstances should they attend College.
  • anyone who has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days AND is experiencing symptoms should immediately self-isolate and call their GP.
  • anyone who has been to an affected region (China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Iran and four regions in northern Italy) in the last 14 days, and are well, should visit HSE.iefor advice



 Having consulted with Programme Directors, it has been agreed that the college will continue to operate (with some adjustments) until further notice in line with HSE/Government policy/directives. It has been agreed that our Blended Learning technologies will be able to be utilised to ensure minimal disruption to the student learning experience and having considered the published teaching schedules, it has been decided that ALL CLASSES for Part Time students will only be delivered through ONLINE (Synchronous Blended Learning)  – commencing from March 10th until further notice, but most likely for the remainder of this Semester.

 In the case of Full Time Students, in order to allow them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with ONLINE (Synchronous Blended Learning), the facility will be available from March 10th  but ALL CLASSES will only be delivered through ONLINE (Synchronous Blended Learning) – commencing from March 12th until further notice, and most likely for the remainder of this Semester.


While the College will (subject to Government/HSE advice) continue offering programmes and ensure educational continuity, please note the following key points and modifications in relation to the coming period;


  • Please note that Part Time students will, until further notice from March 10th onwards  and Full Time Students from March 12th be required to take scheduled classes from home and physical classrooms will not be accessible for study, so as to avoid any unnecessary public congregation in either campus.
  • Information System Services and the Educational Technology Departments will work with any students (or faculty members) who have not utilised Adobe Connect previously to familiarise them with the technological requirements. In particular, the College Community should access the introductory Video developed by Jonathan Flynn (Educational Technologist) to familiarise themselves with the System and the types of IT requirements necessary for engagement (laptops, headsets, broadband connectivity etc.).
  • Full Time Students may bring Laptops with them to Classes on 10th and 11th March to ensure they can be utilised from home from March 11th, but are advised to watch the Introductory video referred to in advance.
  • Staff will continue to work as normal – either in the College or remotely. While all members of Faculty and staff will continue to be available to the student body, contact should be either by e-mail or telephone in the first instance until further notice.
  • Module requirements which have been scheduled as Workshops or which require mandatory class based attendance, will be rescheduled as Synchronous Blended Learning- with lecturers delivering classes either from the college or from home
  • The College will continue class schedules in line with their original scheduled times where possible – e.g. classes scheduled for 10 am on Thursdays would continue to be delivered at 10 am. On the same day, but the College does reserve the right to alter these depending on circumstances.
  • All classes will be recorded and available on the LMS. Therefore, anyone who has difficulty with broadband connectivity will be able to view classes after they have been delivered.


  • In relation to Placements and Work based learning, we are asking students to adhere to HSE/Government advice in relation to safety and wellbeing and any challenges will be reviewed on an individual (Case by Case basis).
  • Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the Placement Manager – Dolores McMahon and/or Programme coordinator.


  • Assessment tasks and schedules may need to be modified and advice in relation to specific assessment Tasks will follow, but any alterations will be designed to minimise disruption to students where possible, but again the overriding concern will be public health concerns and the College will follow any relevant Public Health Guidance.
  • If a member of the College Community (staff or learner) is confirmed as having been effected by COVID-19 we will follow the specific advice of the HSE/Government in such cases.
  • If we are instructed to close the College or any part of the College we will follow the specific advice of the HSE/Government.


  • Primary means of contacting Programme coordinators or Faculty/ Staff should be through email contact in the first instance.
  • The Main College Number – (061) 216288 will continue to operate.
  • A series of dedicated contact numbers will be operational from the end of the week for contact also.
  • These numbers will be posted on the LMS and will be available at the end of any email from the Programme Co-ordinators once finalised.

Thanks for taking time to read this and please feel free to contact me or the College on 061 216288


Kind regards and stay safe


Marie Mulcahy

Vice President (Corporate Affairs)


Phone: 061 216 288
Walton House, Lonsdale Rd., National Technology Park,
Castletroy, Limerick, Ireland