Student Life at ICHAS

Student Life at ICHAS

ICHAS is a third level college that is brimming with life, one where everyone who is involved in the college is made to feel part of the college. Choosing a course of study is one of the most important decisions that you can make and you want to be sure that the course and the college are right for you. At ICHAS we pride ourselves in the support and care we provide to our students which extends beyond academics into all aspects of student life.Counselling Students doing a Twister exercise

We encourage all students and staff also to think outside to box, to extend their personal horizons. As a student we will encourage and challenge you not just to look at educational attainment but to look at your own life’s possibilities and to where that may take you. Each student has an individual progression plan which supports them to identify and overcome barriers to success and develop their own individual plan for their unique future.

Even though we are a small college our students enjoy all aspects of college life whether they are studying full-time or part-time. We asked our students to make a video of their college and if you can take the time to look at it, it will tell you their story in a way we never can. At ICHAS you will never be a number but a unique individual whose journey in life we are proud to support.

Learn From the Best

Our range of professional degrees and short courses are some of the most modern and inovative available today. Whether you are training to be a professional, seeking to upgrade your skills and knowledge, or just want learn for your own personal development; we have the course for you.



M.A. Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy – Graduate 2011

Joining ICHAS at diploma level, my aspiration was to discover what counselling was about. After the diploma and through the Level 8 and Level 9 programmes, it became more about discovering who I was and then becoming a reflective counsellor. Understanding my self was most important if I was to help others with their journey. An additional benefit from this course was meeting so many different people from different backgrounds and with different views which taught me more about working with people, as a client or otherwise.

The college, course, staff and peers enabled this journey for me, where I have become a more holistic person. Now that I have ended up with a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy through the various challenges along the way is a great achievement for me.


Sinead MCGuinness
(Graduate of the MA in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; BA (Hons) in Counselling and PsychotherapyBA in Counselling Skills and Psychotherapy Studies)

I began my voyage with ICHAS in Studying for the BA degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy studies was the beginning of my voyage with ICHAS. I never imaged what an amazing voyage this would be and all the amazing people I would meet along my way.  I am still on my voyage and still meeting amazing people and still learning every day. My studies with ICHAS went further than I could ever have believed with finding myself growing both on a personal and professional level. The college at all times (more…)


Patrick Fitzgerald
(BA in Counselling Skills and Psychotherapy Studies)

I came into ICHAS knowing that I wanted to help and work with people. Currently in my third year and all I can say is that I am amazed by how much I have grown both as a person and as a student. I was out of education for two years before starting and had fears and reservations about my ability as an academic and still not fully sure what I wanted to do with my life. The environment here compared to University’s or Institutes is not focused on just delivering the content and getting you through your degree or masters. Here they are looking at the individual behind the books and making sure that each student receives the same quality engagement that I have not seen anywhere else. ICHAS has allowed me over the last three years to see my true potential and ability through the stimulating learning environment here. I recommend this college to anyone looking into the areas of Counselling and Psychotherapy due to the high level of engagement with peers and lecturers.

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