Green Ribbon Month
26 Aug 2021

Green Ribbon Month 2021, Month Long Series of Events to End Mental Health Stigma

This September sees a series of events taking place as part of Green Ribbon Month. The Green Ribbon campaign aims to get as many people as possible talking about mental health to help end stigma and discrimination. By wearing the Green Ribbon you show you are committed to influencing positive change. The theme of Green Ribbon is is all about inclusion. 

Here are some of the events taking place that have been organised by Amanda Clifford of ABC Mental Health.

Candlelit Vigil for World Suicide Prevention Day

This year sees the return of the Candlelit Vigil, an event that took place every year on 10 September but was cancelled last year due to COVID. This will take place at Arthurs Quay Park. Subject to COVID restrictions people will gather in the park and light a candle to show support & be a part of suicide prevention awareness. The day itself is an opportunity for the community to join with the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) by focusing public attention on the need to increase suicide prevention awareness locally.

Other events taking place for Green Ribbon Month

This year’s events will be split between

  • Lunchtime talks in the Hunt Museum – One of which will be “The Mindful Approach” presented by ICHAS lecturer Christine Beekman who has regularly presented talks during Green Ribbon Month. Other talks will include “Discover to Recovery” with Eamonn Smith and an “Introduction to the WRAP Programme” hosted by Amanda herself.
  • Body Tree Community Clinic Events at the Urban Co-op – This includes a food & craft fair, emotional freedom techniques, and healing the mind with awareness to name but a few. The poster below gives full details on what is taking place through the month of September. 

green ribbon monthWhen asked what do you hope people who attend the events will take away from them Amanda said:

“The message is that you are the experts in your life, whatever you take you know, each person might share something that you could connect with there, or maybe using the future. If something means true to you, share it with a friend.”

To learn more about the events taking place locally check out ABC for Mental Health on Facebook.

You can also check out the See Change website for a list of events taking place nationwide.