10 Aug 2021

We Are Hiring: Academic Supervisors

The Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (ICHAS) is seeking Academic Supervisors for Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy related programmes.

In part fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a Masters, students on Master’s programmes at the College are expected to undertake independent research and are allocated a supervisor to guide them in terms of process and requirements.

ICHAS College is seeking applicants for Master’s level academic supervisors. The supervisor is not expected to be a subject matter expert but should have experience of research /dissertation supervision at Level 9 and be in a position to guide the student on accessing appropriate literature, research project report/dissertation structure, methodological choices, data collection and analysis. The supervisor will be required to meet with the student over the course of their research. In addition to supervising the student’s work, supervisors are required to mark the student’s final submission and to act as a second marker for an additional piece of work.

Qualifications and Skills. :  Academic Supervisors should normally hold a PhD, or have previous experience of supervision at masters level.

Contact: Please send a CV plus a short cover note to Marie.mulcahy@ichas.ie. If interested in this role.

Closing Date: 20th August 2021.