07 Jan 2021

ICHAS Graduation 2020 Reflecting on the Journey you have been on

ICHAS Graduation 2020 took place online just before Christmas for the ICHAS students. There was a great virtual turnout on the evening as students and families tuned in from all over the world for the ceremony. The students of the year were also announced on the day and the guest speaker John Gaffney gave a great guest talk to all of those who attended. 

The students of the year who excelled during their studies were also announced:

  • Level 7 Student of the Year 2020 – Andrew Gallagher 
  • Level 8 Student of the Year 2020 –  Julie Cahill 
  • Level 9 Student of the Year 2020 – Barry Redmond

The Journey you have been on, both this year and also throughout your time in College

Guest Speaker on the night Dr. John Gaffney gave a great speech on the night that covered a wide range of areas. He discussed the journey it has taken to get to the big day, not only this year but also the previous college years as well. 

He also discussed how as students develop their future careers they will use the skills and capabilities obtained from their time in college as well. 

Dr. Gaffney also mentioned that it’s important for graduates to also question their attitudes and their viewpoints and to become more aware of how you think about things, how you evaluate them, and how you go about the business of living. As Wittgenstein said:

“Of that which we cannot speak let us be silent”

Dr. Gaffney concluded his speech with the important advice of:

Lend yourself to others but give the core of yourself to yourself and take care of yourself.

Graduation 2020 Messages from all over the World

With the graduation being broadcast live on YouTube there were some terrific messages coming in throughout the ceremony from the friends and family of students from all over the world.

Graduation 2020

Just some of the messages from well-wishers around the world.

On behalf of the lecturers, staff, and everyone here at ICHAS we want to congratulate all of the graduates and wish them the best of luck in their future careers.