great limerick run
18 Apr 2019

ICHAS and Saoirse at The Great Limerick Run 2019

The May Bank Holiday Weekend is just around the corner and for many around Limerick that means two things: Riverfest Festival and the Great Limerick Run are nearly here. Once again we are teaming up with the Saoirse Addiction Treatment Centre to raise funds. Both staff and students will be taking part and are training for what should be a terrific day.

About Saoirse

The Saoirse Addiction Treatment Centers philosophy is based on harm reduction and abstinence, the ultimate goal for any client is to become substance free and maintain an abstinence lifestyle with the help and support of Saoirse and other identified resources. Saoirse Addiction Treatment Center currently offers a range of services and supports as part of the overall service provision these include:

  • Addiction Counselling
  • Harm Reduction
  • Programme Recovery Programme

To name but a few.

As we’ve already said we’ve partnered with them before for The Great Limerick Run.

It also happened to be the start of the great weather we had last summer as well, plus it was the perfect way to end the Academic year at ICHAS as well.

Who’s taking part in the Great Limerick Run

Both students and staff from ICHAS will be taking part on the day. One of the participants Dolores McMahon had the following to say as she gets ready for the run.

“Currently I’m just getting ready for the 10k. I’ll probably do a mixture of running and walking. I’m also currently keeping up with CrossFit as well to help get ready for the run.

I took part in the Great Limerick Run last year and we had a fantastic day so if the weather is as good this year we will be so lucky. We all met at Saoirse before the run. Last year we walked it as a group. The weather was amazing, the atmosphere was electric. They had the Limerick Gospel Choir at the end which really just set things for people when finishing the run.

The work that Saoirse do in the community is fantastic. We work quite closely with them in relation to the college. They have been a huge asset since starting out, Our students go there for work placement as well. The organisation deals with families as well as the person undergoing treatment so they provide a fantastic supporting service in the community for people.

Finally for anyone getting ready for the run to keep up the running. Even if you’re just tipping away keep the pace. If the weather is warm be sure to have plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated. For the 10k it’s really important to do a stretch and warm up as well as a warm down as well.”

Are you taking Part?

The Great Limerick Run has become a mainstay of the Bank Holiday Weekend and it’s now in its 15th year. Being able to support the likes of Saoirse who provide such essential services is a great way to interact with the local community. Going on a run as well is also not the worst as it can be so beneficial for your own mental health. If you want to find out more or register for the run check out their website today.

Best of luck to everyone who is taking part!!