16 Mar 2016

Cyber Bullying : Create No Hate

[trx_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV5v0m6pEMs”]

Cyber Bullying : Create No Hate

A THIRTEEN year old Castletroy College student has made a short video warning against the perils of cyber-bullying.

Luke Culhane released the powerful video – Create No Hate – online to mark Safer Internet Day last Month. He spent over 40 hours working on the project. Luke, a film maker and video blogger, explained that he has been a victim of cyber-bullying himself, which “inspired me to make this video to help raise awareness for other people about how to handle it”.

“I wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be physical bullying to hurt someone so that’s why I showed the likeness between the two types of bullying,” he said. “I felt that Safer Internet Day was an appropriate time to release this video to create discussion around the issue,” he added. Cyber bullying affects real lives,” reads a message in the video. “Stop, block, tell,” is another. “How would you feel,” it adds.

“Have you ever cyber bullied anyone,” asks Luke in the video. “Have you ever been cyber bullied? Have you ever witnessed cyber bullying? 100% of teenagers answer yes to at least one of those questions. That means everybody has a part to play to help stop this needless behaviour online. Play your part by using ‘stop, block, tell’.

“Stop – and think before posting something online that might be upsetting to someone. Think about how you would feel if you were in their position. Block – if you are a victim of cyberbullying, block and report the person who has been bullying you. Tell – if you think you are being cyber-bullied, report the person that is bullying you to a parent, guardian or teacher.

“Cyber-bullying is not ok, nobody deserves it, we can all help put an end to it for good.”