01 Oct 2020

Building your own Personal Resilience, Free Online Workshop as part of Limerick Mental Health Week

As part of mental health awareness week in conjunction with the Limerick Mental Health Association, ICHAS are hosting a free online workshop. It’s called building your own personal Resilience in times of uncertainty and will be presented by Counsellor and psychotherapist Ann Bracken & Accredited Clinical Supervisor John Hickey. Full details are below.

When: Monday 12th October from 6.00pm – 8.00pm

 Guest Speakers: 

  • Ann Bracken (MA, Grad.Dip. PG Dip.)
  • John Hickey (M.Sc; P.Grad Dip; B.Sc (Hons) Psychology; Dip

Title: Building your own personal Resilience in times of uncertainty with Counsellor and psychotherapist Ann Bracken & Accredited Clinical Supervisor John Hickey


What will be covered: 

  • This workshop will provide you with insight into recognising when your thinking and behaviours are not supporting you to face challenging circumstances 
  • Ann and John will show you how to work with the therapeutic approaches of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) to integrate more Acceptance with Mindfulness approaches and also increased Resilience by recognising what is in and outside of your control. This helps the individual to take action when needed and to let go of those things outside of your control  
  • Finally, they will show you how to use Cognitive Defusion techniques to release problematic thinking styles that usually contribute to increased stress and low mood


About the Presenters:

Ann Bracken Building Personal Resilience

Ann is an Online Therapist, Mindfulness Yoga Teacher and Workshop trainer/author as well as a lecturer here at ICHAS. She provides professional and caring Online Therapy via Skype, FaceTime, Telephone and Email. 

This includes evidence-based therapy with between session resources and handouts. This means you become more empowered in your process of healing and positive change.

John has worked with ICHAS since 2010 and provides a range of services including Academic and Clinical Supervision whilst also lecturing on our Undergraduate Degree Programmes. 

John has a keen interest in the area of Addiction related presentations and also works closely with Families experiencing relationship and emotional difficulties. 

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